Rose of Wellness is owned by Briana Rose Wiles who offers Rolf's Method of Structural Integration and makes a variety of homemade organic herbal body care products.

Briana has been in practice for seven years, and began studying herbalism a few years ago.  She has found a passion for wildcrafting medicine and foraging for wild edibles here in the Gunnison Valley of Colorado. Our valley is blessed with an abundance of natural healing plants right outside our doorsteps. 

Calendula Flowers from Thistle Whistle Farms in Hotchkiss, Colorado used in my oils for creams and massage oil blends.

Brewing up Osha Honeys, Elixirs and tinctures for the winters health!

Ligusticum porteri


Calochortus gunnisonii 

Gunnison's Mariposa Lily

Favorite wild food, makes you feel beauteous when you eat it! 

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